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We are a unique breed of hybrid technician / musicians / craftsman here at Technical Xpectations. Can you fix it, modify it, restore it, paint it, sell it, design it, build it... we just can't say no!
Fender Rhodes Stage 73 MK I
   We took in a Fender Rhodes several months ago and. What started as a, "Restore to playable condition" has grown into a thorough restoration including replacing the Tolex on the case (that's a lotta Tolex!). The Rhodes is a fascinating piece of electromechanical technology! Steel tines plucked by piano hammers that vibrate next to magnetic pickups. Kinda like an electric guitar?
   73 keys... every step has to be done 73 times (at least). I saw a Youtube video "How to assemble a Rhodes Piano from scratch in 5 minutes". Cute video... If only I could move that fast! This project will make it to the new Photo Gallery page... eventually.
Amp Building
"Frankentone" ? This is a custom build amp brought to us for a few repairs. The builder set out to make a two channel amp with one channel Fender Deluxe and one Vox. 5 preamp tubes and a phase inverter feeding a pair of 6V6's tied toa JBL 12 inch speaker. Amazing range of tone!
Psycho Acoustics
Our ears take in an incredibly broad range of sounds both in terms of volume and frequency. But what we "hear" is amazing! Ever listen to an open mic in a room full of people? Everything seems to have the same volume. But if YOU step into that same room you can isolate a single  conversation on the opposite side of the room. In many ways we hear what we want to hear... literally. Check out the "McGurk Effect!". That's why recording yourself playing, singing, etc is so objective. Is the tone you want people to hear really the tone they're hearing? No logos on that Frankentone amp. Could you tell which channel is the Deluxe and which is the Vox?
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