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Time to learn and build

I'm Mark, owner of Technical Xpectations. I'll get into my lifetime of experience in electronics and music another time. I benefit so much from all the forums and You tube videos that others post. I'm long overdue on giving back.

About 6 months ago a customer brought us an Emu II 6048 synth. A rare beast of a synth! A lot of the work has been pretty straight forward. Replacing switches, jacks, and controls, cleaning key contacts, etc. But when we got to the power supply we decided not to go the component level repair route. Instead, we're going to build our own custom supply.

Credit for the design goes to Abstrakt Instruments. They did a nice job of detailing how to do the job including a schematic:

We prototyped the design on breadboard and now it's time to get it built on perf board so we can install in the Emu. Having a good layout drawing is important so, for me this is where the learning comes in. I'd seen lots of nice layout drawings on forums and websites, but didn't know what software to use. Thanks to Rob Robinette I discovered DIY Layout Creator. Now it's time to learn how to use DIY Layout Creator to make a perf board layout drawing.

Now I gotta cram the components on the bread board onto the 2 sections of perf board!

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